To all our friends @CNNschools,

Today, Schools of Thought moves to a new home on CNN.com. The new CNN.com/education will continue to share education news and opinions that CNN gathers from around the world, while reporting on ideas, innovation and technology that are making schools evolve. We’ll be helping families navigate education, from the hard good-bye at the pre-K door to the hugs outside college commencement.

We’ll also keep the discussion going on Twitter @CNNschools, on Facebook at CNN Living, and will be working closely with CNN.com/Living and CNN.com/Parents, where we’re already examining how parenthood and families are changing. Our friends at CNN Student News will continue to provide a commercial-free 10-minute news broadcast for middle and high school classrooms every weekday, as well.

Check out the new site, and good luck on the start of a new school year — there’s always more to learn!

Jamie Gumbrecht, Donna Krache and John Martin

Fonte: http://schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/2013/08/12/check-out-schools-of-thoughts-new-home/

Shalimar Fodra

Shalimar Fodra

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